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1265323049689 by ApocalypticQuartet

Artist!Reader Insert - Meet the Italians
[[ Not exactly romantic but it's cute and hints towards it. ]]

'Oh how did I get stuck in the middle of this?' You thought in a despairing manner as you were stuck between two bickering Italians in a rather expensive restaurant. The one sitting to you're left cursing rather loudly in his common language, his strange curl bobbing with every irritated twitch he gave as he glared at his brother. Said brother was sitting to your right, looking a bit exasperated but nonetheless cheery as he tried to reason with his brother... all the while trying to stuff as much pasta into his mouth as possible.

"Mannaggia! I say'a she should be touring the wonderful sights of the south! There is'a clearly much more for her artistic eyes to see! Naples! Sicilia! Pompeii! Not to mention Roma itself!" the louder of the two, Lovino as he introduced himself, ranted on.

"But fratello! -munch munch- Don't you think touring the beauty of Tuscany and seeing the wonders of Florence, Milan and -slurrrp munch munch- Venezia would be just as nice? North is just as pretty-"

"Chiudi il culo!

You sighed, rubbing your forehead, (h/c) strands of hair cascading in front of your (e/c) eyes, hiding the annoyed glare you directed at the Italians. Two hours ago you were alone, in complete zen and peace drawing one of the many ancient structures of Italy in your worn up leather bound sketch book. You had many sketches of the country inside your book already, your pens had never stopped moving on the paper ever since you stepped out into the Italian sun. You even had a sketch of Lovino in there, haggling for tomatoes at a vendors stand. It was what first got you into the mess... 


You sat on the stone bench in the market place, watching the bustling activity of the midday go by in awe. Things were so different from where you came from! Your pen danced upon the paper, sketching people in motion, buying, walking, sitting, standing, etc. Then you spotted a rather aggressive (not to mention handsome!) haggler trying to bargain for a cheaper price on a basket of tomatoes. The movements and the passionate body language as he spoke to the vendor entrapped you and before you knew it, you were drawing the scene before you with much detail and passion as the two talking across the way. 

You were so into your work that you didn't notice a rather bouncy onlooker come up and hover over your shoulder as you continued on. It was only until the cheery voice spoke up that it jumped you out of your trance. You looked over your shoulder and blushed heavily to see yet another handsome Italian face waaaay too close to your own looking over your sketch book.

"Veee~! What a perfect rendition of mi fratello! You're very good! Do you draw a lot? Can I see?!" he took the leather book from your limp hands while you were still in incredulous shock and began to flip through the pictures 'Ve'-ing the whole time, spouting off the occasional word of compliments or surprise in Italian. 

"Ah you're very very good~! Your more life like drawings remind me of a young Michelangelo!" This time you blushed at the praise, all the while trying to reach out for your sketch book to return it to your person. "Th-thanks. I actually try to base my still life drawings on his works. It really helps me understand anatomy. Umm" you reached out again but every time you did the Italian turned this way or that just out of your reach as he continued to look through your book. "Can I have that bac-"

"Fratello! Fratello!!! Come look and see what I found~!" The bouncy male ran off across the market to the man who you were just drawing not moments ago.

"What do you'a want bastardo? Can't you'a see ima busy here!" He gave the cheery Italian a glare before getting his face shoved into your book by the happy male. 

 "Isn't this a great picture of you fratello~? The nice lady over there made it! Ve~ isn't it pretty?"

"Wh- Wha-...Wh-who?!" the angry one stuttered and looked directly at you, face growing red in either embarrassment or anger. You couldn't really tell. Still flustered he yelled over at you. "C-Creep! Who just draws other people in public without anyone knowing?! Y-You creepy woman!" You cringed a bit. There some people like the crazy Italian over there who just did not like the idea of being drawn, even if it was for your own skill improvement and for no other reason.

The cheery one frowned "Artists draw people in public, you should know that silly brother. Anyways you should go over and say hi!!!"

"Like'a hell I will!!!"

You watched the bickering a bit amused now and stood from your bench and walked over to the now fighting group when they weren't looking and gave a polite cough before interjecting. "Can I have my sketch book back now?" you asked before glancing at the angry one. Looking at them side by side you could definitely tell they were brothers now. "Look um, Sir. If you're really uncomfortable with me drawing you then I'm sorry. I can tear it out and throw it away if you want?"

"No! Ah.. No that's fine..." he trailed off looking back at the book in his brothers hand gazing at the picture. "It looks'a like it took a while to draw and's fine." he looked away fidgeting a bit uncomfortably. His brother grinned and gave one last look at your sketch book before returning it to you. "Here you go~! Ah my name is Feleciano by the way! And this is my brother Lovino!"

You gave an awkward smile, amused but not use to the bouncy personality of the happy Italian. "My name is (f/name). It's nice to meet you. Feleciano and Lovino." 

"Ve~ (f/name)~ Che bel nome! You can call me Feli for short, all my friends do!!!" Feleciano beamed while his brother huffed. 

"Don'ta you dare think about giving me a nick name woman! I'm perfectly fine with my own!" Lovino gave a glare while fighting down the pink in his cheeks. "What are'a you doing here anyways? You're definitely not'a local. Heh, some bumbling tourist I bet!"

You frowned and gave him a glare of your own. "Actually yes I am a tourist. My parents got me a round trip to Italy as my graduation present before I start college. I wanted to go to Italy because of all the artistic wonders and history started here. I... really like Italy..." you mumbled the last bit feeling rather silly about how passionate you were, unaware at the now blushing brothers who were quite...delighted at your declaration. "I always wanted to go to Italy" you continued. "I wanted to see and experience everything I could and now is even a more perfect time! I can work on my drawings for my portfolio, observe and learn from the works I admire in person! While I am already accepted into my college, I wanted to improve my portfolio for school... It could help me in the future..." you trailed off finally noticing the two's odd behavior. Feleciano had become all starry eyed between your speech and Lovino... Lovino was trying to look anywhere but at you, face red once again. 

You let out a weak laugh and fiddled with the frayed edge of your sketch book. "I'm sorry, I started ranting, it must seem rather silly to you-"

"Not at all bella! In fact I'm rather moved that you like us- ah I mean our country so much! Isn't that right fratello?" Feleciano grinned nudging his brother who snapped out of his little fidgety daze. 

"I-I guess... I mean, it'sa quite obvious as to why anyone would like our country! We're the best there is!" Lovino stated feeling rather confident with this fact, seeing as such a person could be passionate about their own country aside from themselves. 

You were relieved to say the least. Not a lot of people found your passion for Italy and their art to be exactly normal. It was nice to have someone understand. You gave a big smile, feeling a bit more yourself around the two brothers, despite the awkward start of things. "I'm glad~  In fact, perhaps you could help me? I'm trying to figure out which places I should visit, aside from the museums. I only have a month and as much as I would love to see everything, I can't in that amount of time." 

Feleciano beamed at the request and took your hand in his own making you blush and his brother sputter and glare. "Of course bella! Lets'a go and have lunch and discuss it over si? I'll treat you! You must try real Italian pasta at least once before you leave! Lovino will come with us too, right fratello?" The other Italian grunted in agreement nodding while mumbling under his breath 'can't let you take her to north'. You on the other hand, were trying to reason with Feleciano about being able to pay for your own meal. But the bouncy Italian wouldn't take no for an answer. With that said, he guided you down the busy market place babbling on about how much there was to see and stating facts about Italy you never knew of. Lovino, trailed behind looking sulky but would add in his two cents every so often. 


And now here you were, severely regretting your decision to go to lunch with the two as they kept on bickering. You sighed while halfheartedly eating your spaghetti, which you couldn't deny, tasted absolutely heavenly. You were off in your own little world of woe when suddenly it got quiet. You looked up surprised to see the two Italians looking at you expectantly. 


"We decided that in the end it's your decision bella! You'a need to pick what you want to do!" Feleciano grinned while Lovino looked very unhappy about this conclusion. You thought for a moment, pondering all the places suggested. "Could I...have time to do all of it? Two weeks in the south, and two in the north?" 

"You'd tire yourself out, that'sa a lot to see." Lovino stated, not sounding hostile for once but actually rather neutral, if not curious. You smiled and shook your head. "I don't mind that! I mean, I may only get to do this once in my life you know? And I want to see as much as I can! I love Italy! North and South equally. I wouldn't be able to pick, they're both amazing in their own way." you said with a determined look in your eyes. "I can handle it, I'll see both no matter how tired I get. Italy is totally worth it." 

You of course, had no idea how serious your words were being taken by the two brothers. Feleciano was completely starry eyed again. And Lovino... Lovino was covering his face with his napkin for whatever reason you weren't sure. But he was red in the face and mumbling again 'damn woman saying she loves the south...' You were absolutely clueless as to why they were acting like this. But whatever! They stopped arguing and now you knew your vacation plans! You began to eat again, feeling much more happy about the situation. 

Lunch continued and each brother offered to tour you to their respective parts of Italy, which you were more than happy to agree with. They talked about what to expect in certain cities, fun actives to try while there. Eventually the topic turned to you and where you were from and what life was like back in (country name). They seemed curious and you didn't mind answering. It was nice to know that they wanted to know more about you, it made you feel rather special. There were jokes, laughter, a few spats (mainly started by Lovino) but in the end, it was a great meal. By the end of lunch, you decided that yes, you were quite happy you met these two eccentric Italians. You could easily see yourself calling them your friends. Maybe you could by the end of your trip? Or maybe... something more? Needless to say there was a lot of time between now and your flight back home. Your adventure in Italy was just about to begin.

Ahhhhh the ending is kinda rushed but here it is~! Just an idea that came to mind that I thought would be cute. 
Depending on the demand, I may make a sequel? Or like one for each brother? IDK whatever is the most wanted I suppose. 

I hope this isn't too bad, I don't write a lot so my skills aren't really up to par with a lot of people DX Also lemme know if my Italian translations are complete shit cuz I all I did was rip them from google translate. 

Well lemme know what you think! And note me if you have a request of some sort! :) 

I do not own Hetalia~ 
Also I do not own the picture in this fic! I found it on photobucket, but if someone can find me the artist name so I can source it, that would be great!

Edit- Changed Romano's name to Lovino because technically that is his 'human' name which he should go by around other humans. I'm just so use to calling him Romano it kinda slipped my mind. If you don't agree to the change, let me know and I'll change it back. 

Edit Edit: I'm doing a big fanfiction project that I would love your input on! Info on it is in most newest Journal entry :)
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